Carlos Trunsky


He graduated from ISATC as a dancer with the José Neglia medal and was a member of the Teatro Colón Permanent Ballet from 1987 to 2012. He was also a dancer of the Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theater, directed by Oscar Araiz.

As a choreographer, he is the author of forty titles ranging from academic to contemporary and exploration pieces, as well as creating choreographies for opera, theater and films. He was awarded the main prizes for dance: Teatro del Mundo, Konex (1999, 2009 and 2019), Clarín (2006, 2008 and 2009), María Ruanova, Trinidad Guevara and Atina. With several of his shows he toured Europe and Latin America. Some of his works are Bailando Honegger, El Circo de los Animales, Clamare, Semblanzas and Las Aventuras de Pedro y el Lobo for the Teatro Colón Permanent Ballet; for the CETC Dos Sobre la Linde and Four Walls or La Niña del Enfermero; for the Ballet del Teatro San Martín Vals en Vilo, Que la Mar Devuelva and Amargo Ceniza; for the Teatro Argentino Ballet Estancia; for the Ballet of Chaco La Consagración de la Primavera, Nubes, La Siesta del Fauno y Presagio; for the Teatro de Rancagua de Chile The four seasons of Vivaldi and, independently, produced Incandescente, Voraz, Saña and Pavura with funding from PRODANZA. As a stage director in opera he staged Rossini's Cinderella at the Teatro Colón, Xenakis' Oresteïa at the Teatro San Martín and Orff's Catulo Carmina in co-production with the UNA and the Ensamble Vocal de Buenos Aires.

He teaches at the Arts National University at the Arts of Movement Department and has given classes for his Dance Company, the National Company of Contemporary Dance and the Contemporary Ballet of Chaco.