Musicians at home - The kitchen of music

Where does the music come from? From inside the instruments? From the soul of the musicians? Ana Rosa Rodríguez, Eloy Fernández Rojas, Daniel La Rocca and Juan Ignacio Ferreirós from the Philharmonic Orchestra show us that music is everywhere. In our homes, in the streets, in everything we do. You just have to know how to hear it because it is there, in the most unthinkable place. Take a look at the musicians' kitchen and try Juan's adaptation for bassoon, clarinet, flute and unconventional percussion of Bizet's Suite No. 1 of Carmen. Enjoy!


Ana Rosa Rodríguez  
She was born in Lanús, Buenos Aires. She began her studies of transverse flute at the age of 8 at the "Julián Aguirre" Conservatory in Banfield and later at the "Carlos López Buchardo" National Conservatory and the "Richard Strauss" in Munich, Germany.
She founded the Wind Quintet of the “Fundación Cultural Patagonia de Río Negro” in 1994. In Germany she was a member of the Nürnberger Symphoniker, the Nürnberg Chamber Ensemble and the Munich Symphony. She was First Flute in the Symphony Orchestra of Asunción (Paraguay), in the Symphony Orchestra of Salta and in the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Bahía Blanca. She was also a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina.
Since 2003 she is a teacher at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory and is a member of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra.


Eloy Fernández Rojas  
He was born in 1989 and studied with C. Céspedes, A. Brass and M. Rey. He took chamber music lessons with D. Schneider, F. Perez and A. Lysy. He was twice granted a scholarship by the Mozarteum Argentino to study at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, with D. Montanaro, and at the Royal Academy of Music in London with M. Collins.
He won first prizes in the First National Youth Clarinet Competition and in the National Youth Competition of the Italian National Committee and UNESCO. He was finalist, among 150 international applicants, in the audition of the Curtis Institute of Music of Philadelphia and semi-finalist in the National Competition of Chamber Music.
As a soloist he performed with several orchestras, such as the National Symphony and the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, of which he has been a member since 2010.


Daniel Pablo La Rocca  
He was born in Córdoba in 1975 and graduated from the music conservatory as a Bassoon Teacher. His teachers were Gabriel La Rocca and Gonzalo Brusco. In Córdoba he was a member of the Children's Chamber Orchestra, the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal String Orchestra (as a soloist). In Buenos Aires, he was part of the Academic Orchestra at the Teatro Colón and the San Martín Youth Symphony Orchestra, performing as a soloist in 1995. He was Second Bassoon in the Avellaneda Symphony Orchestra and Contrafagot in the Teatro Argentino de La Plata, where he later became First Bassoon.
Currently, he plays as Second Bassoon and Contrabassoon in the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra and is a teacher at the National University of Lanús.


Juan Ignacio Ferreirós
He was born in 1985 in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires. He was formed as a percussionist at the "Manuel de Falla" Music Conservatory and the National Conservatory "Carlos López Buchardo". His teachers were Marcelo De Matthaeis, Marcos Serrano, Pablo La Porta and Timothy K.
Adams. In 2008 and 2009 he was a member of the Teatro Colón Academic Orchestra; in 2010 he won the audition for Associate Timbalist and Percussionist in the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 2012 he entered the Teatro Colón Permanent Orchestra as Associate Timbalist.
With the percussion duo Buono-Ferreirós he won in 2015 the first prize in the II National Chamber Music Competition "Carlos López Buchardo".
He is currently a teacher at the "Manuel de Falla" Music Conservatory and has been a permanent musician at the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra (OFBA) since late 2012.