In order to get to the Teatro Colón many people dedicate their lives. To dance, to music, to art.

Others take part as spectators. Fascinated, they enjoy this magical world that changes their lives performance by performance. That magic is brought to life thanks to the talent and work of a great team.

Today, we can all be architects of the history to come, so that the Teatro Colón continues to bring its artists excellence to the audience and to continue training the musicians, singers and dancers of tomorrow.

With your donation, you can be the protagonist of the Teatro Colón's future: a pride in our culture that together we can make even greater.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS To proceed, the user must accept the terms and conditions set forth below, which have the effect of an affidavit. Donations with credit and debit cards through the website of the Theater linked to the website that provides the SERVICE OF ISSUANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND SALE OF TICKETS OF TEATRO COLÓN.

Firstly, I hereby state with the force of a sworn statement that the data to be provided is true, that I have the capacity required by the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation, that I know and understand the implications of the operation that I am going to carry out being the acceptance of the present statement sufficient proof of express compliance.
Likewise, I understand that non-compliance or falsification of data may be subject to the penalties of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Nation, as prescribed in articles 172, 282, 283 and 285 and any applicable regulations.

I.- WEB Donations.

The purpose is to offer online management and processing of money donations free of charge made by credit or debit cards in favor of the Autarchic Entity Teatro Colón, hereinafter THE THEATER. For the purposes of processing donations, the provider’s platform SERVICE OF ISSUANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND SALE OF TICKETS OF TEATRO COLÓN is used.
It shall be understood by "WEB Donation" the act of transferring sums of money free of charge to the Theater, through the online platform. Additionally, it is stated that the provisions of article 1542 and ff. of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Argentine Nation are applicable herein/to this act.

II.- Registration- Capacity- Consent

The access and use of the website attributes the condition of User and implies full and complete compliance with the terms and conditions, which are described in this document and which govern the donation activity on the Platform of SERVICE OF ISSUANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND SALE OF TICKETS OF TEATRO COLÓN.

  • In turn, the registration as User will be considered as a sworn statement, stating that the User has no impediment to make the donation, according to the laws of Argentina and / or applicable jurisdictions, the obligation to use the website for a lawful purpose, as well as the legality and origin of the funds involved in the operation.

Likewise, Users represent, warrant and agree:

  • To be fully capable and competent to accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  • To have the right and authority to sign this document and share the documentation and / or information they enter on the website;
  • To possess the right and authority to make binding agreements on behalf of the natural person or the entity they represent, as appropriate;
  • To waive all related actions or claims against the Autarchic Entity Teatro Colón and / or the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; being the acceptance of the present statement sufficient proof of express compliance;
  • To accept that the user's data that is entered, together with the amount contributed, will be published by THE THEATER in the relevant administrative acts.

Likewise, Users may accept that their name and surname will be potentially published and / or disseminated by the Theater, both on its website as well as on different digital media. In this sense, at the time of registration the user may choose between these options, all without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Likewise, Users agree:

III. Data. Personal Data Protection

Access and use of the website may involve the administration of personal data of the Users, said administration being subject to the Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions of the site of the SERVICE ISSUANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND SALE OF TICKETS OF TEATRO COLÓN.

IV.- Modifications

The Terms and Conditions may be modified and / or updated without prior notification to Users.The modified Terms and Conditions are considered accepted by the Users after the period of 10 (ten) days from their publication regardless of the User’s notification of rejection.
Any additional instruction or notice that is incorporated into the Platform will be considered as part of these Terms and Conditions, therefore it will be mandatory and binding. It is expressly clarified that in the future the service platform may be replaced.

V. Communications.-

Users should send any communication addressed to THE THEATER to Cerrito 618 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina or through email to
The user constitutes domicile. The notifications made will be considered valid and effective, for all purposes, when they are made through any of the following means:

  • Delivery by email to the inbox given by the User through the Platform; and / or
  • Delivery by postal mail to the User's address provided by the User through the Platform.
VI.- Notices

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the current laws of the Argentine Republic.
Any conflict or controversy derived from the existence, validity, content, interpretation, scope or any other aspect related to the Terms and Conditions will be settled amicably by the parties.
THE THEATER constitutes domicile at Cerrito 618 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, where all communications and notifications will be valid.
Any discrepancy regarding this contract will be subject to the laws of the Argentine Republic and determined by the Courts Hearing Administrative-Contentious and Tax Matters of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, waiving any other forum and/or jurisdiction that may be applicable. To that end, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires establishes its domicile at Uruguay 458, Departamento Cédulas y Oficios Judiciales de la Procuración General de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires in compliance with section 20 of Law 1.218 (text consolidated by Law No. 6017) and Resolution No. 77 / PG / 2006.