Let's stay together
30 of December of 2020
Teatro Colón

Dear Audience,

I am writing to you with the confidence that you are well on the eve of a new beginning.

I have the certainty that a challenging and tough year is coming to an end. We have lived unexpected months since last March.
Nonetheless, the Teatro Colón has been active and close to its audience through its web site and social media. All of these months we have been able to carry on with our artistic and cultural proposals thanks to Sunday streamings, specific childrens content and all audiences programmes on our electronic channels to millions of people around the world.

At the same time, we had to face unpredicted tasks such as the creation of face masks in our workshops, the volunteers' work of our staff collaborating with the community and creating a special system for the devolution of almost 140.000 tickets, which has been achieved thanks to your invaluable comprehension.

I would like to give a special thank you to those who have donated the value of their tickets, not only because of the acknowledgement gesture for our Teatro Colón, but for the collaboration at this critical moment.

With a step into 2021, we are working so we can all enjoy our artists in our theatre once again. However, the sanitary situation will not enable 2021 to be a common year, as it used to be before the pandemic.

To ensure a safe theatre for the workers, artists and the public, we are coordinating with the city Ministry of Health the specific protocols which will follow the current sanitary dispositions.

The pandemic has changed the rules of the game on stage, behind the scenes and in the auditorium, affecting the theatre as a whole, as it happened to all the opera houses of the world.

On the first place, once the habilitation is granted, the auditorium will be partially occupied, so the social distance will be maintained. So, we won't be able to sell all the locations of the theatre for each show.

On the second place, the Season 2021 will have a different format. The traditional annual and long term programmation is incompatible with the sanitary restrictions the pandemia imposed on the stage and behind it. This is why in 2021 the programmation will be announced in advance but in a periodic way, by titles, cycles and programs.

Also, the partial use of the auditorium will not allow us to offer the submissions. The locations will be sold individually in every case, always respecting the security measures and current sanitary regulations.

The 2021 program that will be announced from February through our electronic channels will be signed by the evolution of the sanitary situation throughout the year. It will be a program with preeminence of local artists, reduced formation shows and concerts. Our proposal is to go back to the opera and ballet with new eyes and ears. Let's return to the classics. Let's return to the encounter rites.

It will be a journey from the origin to the XXth century, from Monteverdi to Menotti. From Bach to Adés, going through Britten, Messiaen or Stravinsky, from whom we will commemorate 50 years since his death. It will be the centenary from Piazzola`s birth and the 75th anniversary from the death of Manuel de Falla. These anniversaries will be part of our artistic agenda.
We are facing a big challenge and a huge responsibility so the Teatro Colón will continue its mission as a beacon of cultural production and advocate of cohesion for our community.

I wish everyone to stay safe for 2021, a year that for sure will be of gathering and celebration. This is my desire for all of you and for our beloved theatre.

A toast for a new year full of reunions.

María Victoria Alcaraz
General Director


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