A very lively dance

Un baile muy animado

The illusion of movement from a series of still images passing very quickly is the key to cartoons and any movie or video you watch on a screen.

The simplest version of this phenomenon is the folioscope or flip book, that little book that simulates changes and movements in an image as it turns the pages. Some people call them thumb cinema.

Flip book

Let's make one together! It's easy!

Un baile muy animado

Step 1
Take a pile of white papers of about 13x8 centimeters. You can also use a notebook.

Un baile muy animado

Step 2
Make a simple drawing on the right side of the first sheet.

Un baile muy animado

Step 3
On the next sheet, make the same drawing in the same place with some variation.


TIP! To make sure that the main figure is in the same position, you can trace it in the light on a cell phone or tablet that has a flashlight app (you can look for one here).

Un baile muy animado

Step 4
Continue drawing slightly modified images on each sheet one after the other.

Un baile muy animado

Step 5
When you finish your drawings, line up the pile of sheets and adjust them at one end with a pin.


And that's it!

To give you more motivation to play, here we give you a sequence of figures to cut out and make the animation of a practice on the ballet bar.

You can add colors and drawings to the dress and the background to make the movement of the images more fun.

We recommend that you print 3 or 4 times the page and assemble the book so that the sequence is repeated and the animation lasts longer.

Un baile muy animado

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