Wooden scale

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An orchestra brings together numerous musicians with their instruments to perform musical works under the direction of a conductor.

The instruments are divided into families:

🔶 those with strings,such as the violin or double bass,
🔶 those of percussion, such as the timpany or hand percussion,
🔶 the metal winds,like the horn or trumpet,
🔶 the wooden winds,like the oboe or clarinet.

In those families, there are instruments that sound lower and others that soun higher, and generate different tones, climates and colors.

In this video, five musicians from the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra who play woodwind instruments show us how each of their instruments sounds.

They are Sebastián Tozzola (double bass clarinet), Daniel La Rocca (bassoon), Alfonso Calvo (clarinet), Natalia Silipo (oboe) and Ana Rosa Rodríguez (piccolo).


Which one sounds lower?
Which one sounds higher?
Is there a connection between their size and the level of the notes they can play?