Teatro Colón’s production


The disillusion of a peasant drives her crazy and leads to her death. However, in the afterlife, the power of love does not give in to revenge and shows the way to redemption. One of the key pieces of romantic ballet, Giselle is a balanced synthesis of technique, acting and style of its time. Premiered in Paris in 1841, this ballet keeps the irresistible Gothic appeal of the original choreographic design by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, updated fifty years later by Petipa.

Gustavo Mollajoli (1935-2019) was an Argentinian choreographer that revisited this well-known version and proposed his own to the Teatro Colón’s Resident Ballet, in which he acted as principal dancer and director. Mollajoli went back to the original movements, Petipa’s layout, and made contemporary contributions, though respecting the French style.



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