The Blizzard

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The Blizzard


MIÉ 29 | 11H | Función Extraordinaria
MIÉ 29 | 14H | Función Extraordinaria
JUE 30 | 14H | Función Extraordinaria
VIE 31 | 11H | Función Extraordinaria

SÁB 1 | 11H

A waltz, a sleigh gliding through the snow and some soldiers marching are some of Georgy Sviridov's musical illustrations that ISATC's Academic Orchestra will perform in order to tell the story of Vladimir and Masha and the events of a blizzard that struck on a cold winter night.

A musical illustration is a drawing with music, a sonic painting created with the wonderful diversity of tones and dynamics that a symphony orchestra can produce. Sviridov composed them about The Blizzard, the story by Aleksandr Pushkin, the Russian writer who is considered the founder of modern Russian literature. Although he died at only 38 during a pistol duel, his poems, novels and stories influenced many later artists.


Georgy Sviridov

ISATC’s Academic Orchestra
Ignacio García Vida

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