Contemporary in the Golden Hall: Strasnoy Conference

Functions and Availability of Tickets

Contemporary in the Golden Hall: Strasnoy Conference

Tickets will be available at from Monday 2 at 10 am.

Conference with composer Oscar Strasnoy

Hours before the Ligeti/Berio/Strasnoy concert of the Contemporary Cycle, in which his work "Kuleshov "concerto for piano and orchestra (2017) will be premiered, the Argentine composer Oscar Strasnoy will offer a free lecture in dialogue with Martín Bauer on memory, the memorable and music.

Says the composer: "The memorable seems to be the poor relation of memory. However, in music, the memorable has a more important role than memory 'in general'. Memorable is any event that stands out from the ordinary. Without that extraordinary element, music could not achieve a form. It would become forgettable immediately after it ended. Each extraordinary musical event renews our attention and opens the form to a new reality.

Settled in that new reality, we await the next memorable landmark that renews our attention once again. Music, all music, practices a permanent dialogue between the known and the unknown, between surprise and habit, between tension and repose, between forgettable and memorable matters. Musical memory is structured by memorable moments, but these do not constitute memory in themselves".

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