Fantasy and abstraction + the contraction of waiting - Program 1

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Fantasy and abstraction + the contraction of waiting - Program 1


Fantasy and Abstraction + The Contraction of Waiting
Sport and Tourism + Act I

The contraction of waiting (video opera in four acts)

15 minutes
Color, 4:3, Stereo, 4K

Script, direction and editing: Martina Juncadella
Composition: Simón Pérez and Miguel Garutti
Photography and camera: Renata Juncadella
Production manager: Alejo Duclós
Production assistant: Tamara Hochman
Assistant director: Federico Morlio
Cinematographer: Rebeca Rossato
2nd cameraman: Inés Ramos
Gaffer: Guido Silva Monsalvo
Electrician: Mariano Gonzales 
Sound: Simón Pérez
Art and costume design: Estudio Ricas
Art and props: Miguel Garutti
Makeup: Arlén Paolillo
VFX: Pepo Razzari
Assistant editor: Núbia Campos Vieria
Hydrographic consultant: Horacio Curti
Combi: Alexis Onassis
Gymnastics machine shop: JBH Equip
Poster and title design: Cecilia Closa
A, J and F: Aniela Condori, Jacqueline Golbert and Facundo René Torres
Crickets: Denise Groesman and Tomás Werthein
Bodybuilders: Carla Juárez Gabutti, Jimena Fernández, Tomás Francisco Diarelli, Rubén Horacio Pérez, Martín Julian Savasta y Marina Antar
Tourists: Carla Fonseca, Viviana Cabrera, Pablo Valles, Marcelo Godino, Jali, Denise Groesman, Tomás Werthein, Renata del Castillo, Julieta Lescano, Rita Ruiz, Lola Juncadella and Victoria Onassis.
Vocal materials: Victoria Lombardero
Audiovisual production: Una Presencia + Fantasia y Abstracción

Sport and tourism (concert)

Programming and composition: Simón Pérez and Miguel Garutti
Libretto and direction: Martina Juncadella
Art and scenography: Estudio Ricas (Dana Ferrari and Clara Campagnola)
Illumination: Eduardo Pérez Winter
Image Design: Cecilia Closa and Andrés Gorzycki
Piano: Fernanda González and Leandro Rodríguez Jáuregui 

Salvatore Sciarrino
Dita unite a quattro mani (2006), for piano four hands 
Argentine premiere

Ana Dall'Ara Majek
Badminton bis (2015), for acousmatic piano

Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt  
Juegos (1966), for piano, brick, 12 ping-pong balls and recorder, from Finland. N°3 from CCUUAADDEERRNNOOSS (2015), for piano four hands, by Valentín Pelisch.
World premiere 

Manuela Blackburn
Karita Oto (2009), acousmatics

Jorge Horst
Deriva (2022), for piano four hands 
World premiere 

Erik Satie
Sports et divertissements (1914), for piano

Sports et divertissements + Act I

Strength and weakness. Doubt and certainty. Speed and slowness. A, the young orange juice seller, waits for her beloved who does not arrive. Tired of humanity, she walks away along the shore. J, the tour guide, stuck and tense, watches the tourists enjoying the day at the beach. F, the poet who runs a gym equipment store, wonders when the right words will appear. Inspiration can come from anything?

The concert Sport and Tourism brings together piano and acousmatic works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Ana Dall'Ara Majek, Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, Manuela Blackburn, Valentín Pelisch, Jorge Horst and Erik Satie.

Fantasy and Abstraction 

It is a series of concerts of acousmatic and experimental music, programmed by Simón Pérez and Miguel Garutti, with watercolors by Andrés Gorzycki and cushions by Estudio Ricas. It had six editions: Concierto acusmático and El piano at the Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical del Centro Cultural Recoleta (2019), Tiempo real at the festival "El sol por atrás", in Parque Los Andes (2020), Baile de juguetes, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (2021), Los dedos at the festival Byte-Footage del Centro Cultural Kirchner (2021) and Espacio interior at the festival Danza Afuera, Centro de Artes y Ocios, La Plata (2022). 

In its fourth year, Fantasía y Abstracción summons Martina Juncadella to write and direct La contracción de la espera. Each act of this video opera will function as a prelude to the concerts Deporte y turismo, La guitarra and Síntesis.