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Forest of women creators



Carola Zelaschi, Magdalena Clavijo, Ailin Grad, Camila Reboratti, Cecilia De Feo, Victoria Barca and Florencia Curci

Over the course of a two-week residency, CETC will bring to center stage a generation of radical female composers who, from a modern perspective of lutherie generation of radical composers who, from a modern perspective of lutherie, hybridize traditional and electronic instruments, hybridize traditional and electronic instruments. The artists are also part of part of the program "Música expandida" of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín directed by Sebastián Verea. by Sebastián Verea, so, in collaboration with the University, the CETC's cycle will include talks will include lectures and workshops on digital lutherie. The main production The main production will be a sound installation in which each composer will develop, in a system will develop, in a system that will propose a physical route by posts in the in the large room of the CETC, their universe of instruments and works.

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