This is not a wild tale

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This is not a wild tale



This is not a wild tale

Children´s show by Emiliano Dionisi with music by Jean-Philippe Rameau, among

Teatro Colón

Play suitable for children over 9 years old.

Dramaturgy and stage direction
Emiliano Dionisi

Musical direction, adaptation and musical arrangements
Manuel de Olaso

Margarita Fernández

Set design
Gonzalo Córdoba Estévez

Costume design
Jorge López
Analía Morales

Fabricio Ballarati 

Stage direction assistant
Rodrigo Meléndez Aquino
Carolina Basaldúa

Production Coordination
Diego Glaser

Scenographic Coordination
Ladislao Hanczyc

In-house teacher
Andrés Méndez

ISATC Baroque Ensemble
Students of Dance and Singing of the Specialization in Baroque Opera of ISATC
Students of the ISATC's Performing Arts Degree Programme


Tomás Castiglione

Mother, sister and teacher (soprano)
Constanza Díaz Falú
Sofía Centelles

Father and brother (baritone)
Santiago Tiscornia
Mauricio Meren

Fiona Álvarez/Julieta Romero
Evangelina Dulce Martina
Valentín Fresno
Pablo Ripari

Teatro Colón Baroque Ensemble

Emir Manzur
Axel Hernández
Milagros Serruya
Sergio Morales/Darío Zappia

Oriana Farfán

Guido Wardak

Double Bass
Martín Macías

Valentín Depaoli

Agustina Michati
María Pilar Moreira

Andrés Arzaguet

Students of the ISATC Scenographic Arts Degree Programme

Specialisation in Scenographic Painting

Anastasia Martina Bosson
Daniela Morone
David Ortiz
Virginia Penzo

Specialisation in Theatrical Costume Making
Natalí Sánchez
Anusha Guerenstein

Specialization in Characterization
Carolina Baron
Elizabet Leiva
Carla Rodríguez
María Sol Tonini


Silvestre´s world changes completely when his mother makes the surprising decision to move from the asphalt jungle to the real jungle. A new school, new classmates and a mysterious call will make the young man face an unknown side of himself. Will Silvestre be willing to accept his wild side? The fauna of the coast and its folklore act as
a framework to explore the emotions in that passage from childhood to adolescence, fears, desires and discovering who we want to be. With musical passages by Jean- Philippe Rameau, this story takes us on an exciting journey through the adventure of growing up.