Today is the best day of my life

Today is the best day of my life (Heute ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben) is a song by the Viennese musician Hans May (1886-1958) with lyrics by Ernst Neubach.

It was composed in 1936 for the film with the same name directed by Richard Oswald. Its protagonist was the great tenor Joseph Schmidt, a renowned artist known as "The German Caruso" throughout Europe.

Why have we chosen it?

Joseph Schmidt's life was an example. Not only was he recognized for his wonderful voice, but also because he always tried to make the best of the worst situations.

Even as a Jewish Grantor persecuted by the Nazis, he achieved an extraordinary career by never giving up and continuing to fight for what he loved to do.

Along with this story, we were inspired by the joy that the song transmits, both its music and its lyrics, and we have tried in this video to recuperate and communicate how wonderful it is to play, to play as when we were children, and that for some reason we stopped doing so when we grew up.

Heut ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben,
Ich fühl zum ersten Mal, ich bin verliebt.
Ich möchte diesen Tag für keinen geben
Es ist ein Wunder, dass es sowas gibt.
Heut will ich mit keinem tauschen
Wer's auch ist und wer's auch immer sei,
Heut will ich mich berauschen,
Morgen ist's vielleicht vorbei.
Heut ist der schönsten Tag in meinem Leben
Heut ist der schönste Tag im Monat Mai.

Wo ich bin und wo ich gehe,
Ist das Glück in meiner Nähe,
Heute singen alle Geigen,
Für Dich und für mich.
Heute denk ich nicht an Morgen,
Heute gibt es keine Sorgen,
Heut ist alle Tage Sonntag,
Für Dich und für mich.


Auf die Woche folgt der Sonntag
Auf den Sonntag folgt der Montag,
Auf die Sonne folgt der Regen,
So ist das zumeist.
Auf die Trauer folgt die Freude,
Und die Liebe für uns beide,
Und wer so wie wir verliebt ist,
Der weiss was das heisst.


Today is the best day of my life
I feel for the first time that I am in love
I don't want to give this day away for anyone
It is a miracle that such a thing exists.
Today I don't want to exchange places with anyone
Whoever and whatever
Today I want to get drunk
It may be over tomorrow.
Today is the most beautiful day of my life
Today is the most beautiful day of May.

Where I am and where I am going
Is there happiness near me?
Today all the violins sing
For you and me.
Today I don't think about tomorrow
No worries today
Today is Sunday every day
For you and me.


Sunday follows the week
Monday follows Sunday,
The sun is followed by the rain
That's mainly how it is.
After pain comes joy
And love for both
And who is in love like us
knows what that means.