The Teatro Colón and the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires city promote the incorporation of new audiences through the approach of young girls and boys to lyrical, choreographic and musical art as well as to its production stages.



This educational proposal consist in a cycle of concerts, opera and ballet for students of 5th and 6th grade of the public schools of the city. My First Ballet, My First Concert and My First Opera summon more than 23,000 children per year to be part of a specially designed teaching program.

The program begins with an introductory meeting with the teachers who will accompany the boys and girls, along with informative and didactic material about the Theater, its companies and the show they will attend. It continues with the attendance to the show in the main hall and the subsequent work in the classroom.


The Open Rehearsal program brings young people from secondary schools to participate in the general rehearsals of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra. In this case, material is also provided for the analysis of the pieces and the subsequent work in the classroom that complements and enriches the visit.