Words by María Victoria Alcaraz


Piazzolla 100


Words by María Victoria Alcaraz

General Director of the Teatro Colón

Astor Piazzolla broke all the patterns.
The overwhelming power of his convictions and the overwhelming beauty of his music made him the most admired Argentine composer in the world, and more than that: it made him synonymous Buenos Aires.
In 1983, the Teatro Colón witnessed the night he lived as his greatest triumph, the one that nestles in the recognition of his people beyond its enormous international transcendence.
In this same stage, we will be celebrating in these days the centenary of his birth through the magic of his music and many of the performers who made history with him.
It will be an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy again the creations of an artist who has always been linked to the universe of the Teatro Colón. Since his meeting with Arturo Rubinstein, which led him to study with Alberto Ginastera, to his work with great artists artists such as José Bragato and Gerardo Gandini.
Let's celebrate 100 years of Piazzolla.
An artist of all times and, just like the Teatro Colón, unique, classic and universal.

María Victoria Alcaraz
General Director of the Teatro Colón